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    My family doesn't have a very wide variety of names...Amanda, Austin, Tyler, Ashley, Brandon, Justin, Nicholas, Matthew, Courtney, Christopher...Those are all my cousins. I suppose my favorite would be Lillie, which is my grandma's name, but I much prefer Lily or Lilly. As for boys, the only names I really see any potential in are Austin and Tyler, but those are both of my brothers. So.
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    I think the only family name I really like is Benjamin.

    Most of the names in my family are either boring or trendy or both: Hailey, Cassidy, Kaitlyn, Alvin, Bruce, Jennifer, etc.
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    I had a great aunt named Esto. That's pretty rad.

    My MIL is Margaret Elizabeth, which I think is classic and nice. She goes by Sue

    I have three brothers: Justin, Eric, and Cody. I like Eric a lot, tho I wouldn't tell the other two. :-)

    I love my niece's name: Ana. It's so simple and pretty, and kinda unexpected on a white kid.

    My great aunts and uncles have some cool names: Betty Sue, Galen, Langston, and then Major and Robbie Louise who died young.

    My grandpa's name was awesome: Nolan.

    My maternal great grandparents' names would sound perfectly normal among Brooklyn hipster babies today: Claude Allen and Mary Ann.

    Ditto my paternal grandmother: Ida.

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    My favourite name is Florence Melinda, which was my great-great-grandmother's name. I also like Leta, Seraphina, Lemuel, Josiah, and Simeon.

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    I have a cousin named Rosemary - so classic and beautiful!
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