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    Franz Wilhelm is pretty cool for a Norwegian guy, he was my great-great-grandfather.
    Lydia was my great-grandmother, it's never been a vary popular name in Norway, only the first name of about 500 women! About 15-20 more are born each year, last year it was 21.
    Abigael was my great-great-grandmother, today there are only 22 alive, and it is not being used at all, it's seen as too foreign and hard to say. (Norwegian pronunciation is uh-BEE-gah-ell).
    Bolette is my grandmother's middle name, she hates it and it's still considered very unfashionable. It's a form of very common, but dated name Bodil, again a form of the older Bothild. I don't really like it myself (nor Abigael) but I like that it's in my family.
    Bodvar was my grandfather's name, there are only 58 alive today, and very few people have heard about it. My sister wants to use it if she has a son, along with Casimir and Walter, so she's officially as quirky a namer as I am ^^
    Åshild | lover of books & baked goods

    Norwegian word names
    Fryd + Lova + Vår + Sol
    [ + + + ]
    Iver + Trygg + Vilje + Leik


    Inga Ludivine + Eluney Bird + Tenebrae Rosa + Easter Ealisaid + Miruna Clio
    Arezou Salome + Liatris Una + Umeko Elettra + Noor Niobe

    [ + + + ]
    Sulo Alasdair + Echo Taliesin + Laufey Corentyn + Rivalen Rue
    Lupin Amias + Zennor Ianto + Etienne Tauno + Locryn Remiel + Aolú Immanuel


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    My 3rd cousin's name is Anna Vera, I think that name is pretty.

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    My grandmother's name, Virginia. My husband's name, Charlie. Husband's great-great grandmother, Anna.

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    Both sides of my family that are traceable have an excellent taste in names. Besides having my all time favorite names, here are some of the best:

    Flora Louise
    Minerva Eleanor
    Violet Mary
    Frances Cordelia
    Lillian Eva
    Alice Matilda
    Mabel Etta
    Margaret Florence

    Gentlemen - most are the lovely Henry, James, Charles, William, John, and Frederick, but Arthur Leo is absolutely brilliant in my opinion.
    Henry John, Charles Wesley
    Eleanor Lily, Margaret Jane

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