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    Hoops - I forgot two.

    I really like Billie too - and I don't think it's too boyish at all! Just think of the lovely Billie Holiday! She oozed femininity! Speaking of, her real name was actually Eleonora!

    Adelaide, I do like it. But it doesn't wow me!

    Has to be Billie or Leonora for me! =D

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    Ariana – I love Ariana (and do prefer it with the one “n”). I don’t find it bland at all. In fact I find it sassy, sweet, feminine, and strong all at the same time.
    Adelaide – I do think it’s way to different compared to Drake. Plus I just don’t think it has the same feminine elegance as many other names
    Billie – Too boyish imo. I also find this stereotypically southern so that might cause some teasing
    Bellamy – I don’t see feminine in this choice at all. Reminds me of bologna.
    Leanora – I love this and prefer it completely over Leonora! Lea is also an adorable nn
    Mackenzie – It’s a girl’s name to me. A boring one, but a girl’s name none-the-less
    Micaiah – Doesn’t sound right was Drake (but no, it doesn’t belong to Drake).
    Wesley/Weslie – I do not think this would work on a girl.

    My choices would therefore me Ariana or Leanora (or Mackenzie, cause I do think it goes with Drake despite being a little boring).

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    Jess0044 - what is it that makes a name boring? This is something I've been thinking about, and after seeing the names in your signature I asked myself "what makes Mackenzie more boring that Alexander or Jack?". Don't get me wrong, I love Alexander and Jack. But they're not exactly unusual choices. Is it because Mackenzie has been very popular for the last few years, while Jack and Alexander (for example) has been popular for a longer period of time? Just curious to hear some other opinions on this.
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    Ariana - Is not too bland. It is a pretty name and pairs well with Drake and your surname.
    Adelaide - This is different, stylistically, from Drake, but I think it still works. Especially if you were to call her Addy.
    Billie - I love the idea of this one because it is adorable and honors your dad. If you feel it is a bit nick-namey you could always use Billie as a nn for something else - Wilhelmina, Willow, Willa....
    Bellamy - I'm not sure about this one. It just isn't my style, I suppose, so I just can't see it on a baby.
    Leanora - I prefer Leonora, to be honest, and she would likely get called that a lot anyway (until I read your note I thought this was just an alternate spelling of Leonora). I suppose if you called her Lea it wouldn't matter as much. Drake and Lea are cute together.
    Mackenzie - To be brutally honest... this name is so dated to me. It is not ready for a comeback. Sorry.
    Micaiah - I dont think this name "belongs" to Drake, but I do think there are better names on your list.
    Wesley / Weslie - Well, I am biased, because this is one of my favorite boy's names, so I just can't see it on a girl. If you did use it, please use the Wesley spelling. Weslie looks weak.

    If I had to choose a favorite, I think I would go with Billie, because I love the family connection. My least favorite is Bellamy.
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    Ariana - Long Island accent, frosted lipstick. Sorry! It's a pretty name, but it's been Gabriella-ized I think.
    Adelaide - I'm not wild about Adelaide bc it sounds like "addled" to me. Ada is a great nn though. I don't think it's too close to Drake.
    Billie - I love Billie and was considering it as a nn for a possible Wylda. But I think with Wilde, it's very close to Billy Wilder.
    Bellamy - It's surnameish to me. Has a nice bouncy sound, but it feels a little ungrounded to me, unless it's a family surname?
    Leanora - This one's a winner! I prefer Leonora or -gasp- Leonor. Beautiful Leonor. You could have a Leonora and call her Lea- perfectly acceptable, almost identical pronunciation.
    Mackenzie - Trendorama
    Micaiah - I like the dark sparkle of this name, and the K sound with Drake. It's lovely, and certainly useable still.
    Wesley / Weslie - I think of The Princess Bride. Masculine to me.

    So, I vote for Leonora (or Leonor) and Micaiah.

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