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    I have a soft spot for nicknames as given names. I like just Phronsie. I have a ton of nicknames on my list of favorite names, and I think they have a vintage vibe to them. Lots of girls used to be given the names Essie, Millie, Addie, etc., without having a "full" given name. I think it's charming. Besides, if Phronsie is what she would be called, then it is my opinion that Phronsie is what her birth certificate should say. Would she hate it? I think everybody hates their name at some point, but you could foster in her a love for her name from a young age by telling her how much YOU love it and why.

    EDIT: I'll add that many people feel it is a disservice to your child to give her only a "nickname." This could be problematic in the professional world on resumes and the like. Still, I think that in this upcoming generation, almost anything goes in terms of names, and different styles will be much more widely accepted.
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    Sophronia is way cool. It's both sober and ornate. Phronzie egads no! Sophie is the natural nickname, and it's a nice one. I think Sonia/Sonya is also pretty and velvety, a trimmed-down everyday option for Sophronia.

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    I actually don't like Sophronia very much - the only reason I would give the name Sophronia is for the "resume name". Phronsie is the name I like a lot, but not sure about.

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    I agree with everyone else, but would like to ask what's wrong with Sophie as a nickname?

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    I would punt my parents in the face if they gave me the full name Phronsie. It reminsd me of Fonzie and is really, really terrible.

    Sophronia is lovely though. Sophie also makes a nice nickname, or Ronnie (not my thing, but people like it), or Nia.
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