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    Our little lady M

    Our little girl arrived a month early, but is home now from special care and doing well.

    Thank you nameberries for allowing us this terrific forum to explore, eliminate and select the name for our first child. After tossing about Greer, Scarlett, Imogen, Thea and many more (all of which we still love, but just weren't right this time!), we finally settled on...


    She is a darling, and we love her name!
    Alice is a family name, and we just fell in love with the strength, simplicity and beauty of Maeve.

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    Yay!! Congratulations! Maeve Alice is so perfectly beautiful. I love it. Happy to hear she's home and doing well after being born so early. Congrats again. Enjoy your sweet Maeve.

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    Congratulations; glad she arrived safely and is now doing well. Beautiful name.
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    Congratulations on your beautifully named little lady!

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    I love her name and I hope she is doing well. I am pleased that we helped you find a beautiful name that you love. Congratulations.


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