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    Quote Originally Posted by characternamer View Post
    I really liked Blythe but thought it was blith (short I sound) instead of bl-eye-the.
    I recently had this exact same experience with Blythe! I'm still getting used to it. It's a nice name, but I definitely don't like it as much anymore.
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    The Kassia I know also says Cass-ee-ah

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    Quote Originally Posted by kellbell23 View Post
    On the same note, we had a German exchange student in high school named Lena. I pronounced her name as "LEE-na", but she said that none of us were pronouncing it right. When she said her name, it still sounded like LEE-na. Maybe a someone who speaks German can shed some light?
    Lena is LE-nah. Short e
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    Celia. I thought it was sell-ee-yuh.
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    I spent years saying Aloysius how it looks, uh-LOY-see-us, only to take it off my list when I discovered it was pronounced AL-oh-WISH-iss.
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