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    alyssa897 Guest
    For some reason I was pronouncing Aurelia like Aw-re-ell-yuh, with an extra "i" in there. I really liked that pronunciation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlieandperry1 View Post
    I think I'm going to have to dig out and watch my Love Actually DVD tonight! :')
    Yay! It's so lovely, isn't it? Makes me happy to be British

    @bethlow, I'm glad I'm not the only one with Aisling issues. I think we should start a petition to have the pronunciation changed.
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    My solution when this happens to me is to change the spelling so it IS the pronunciation I like. Ha.
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    I love that movie!!

    I always pronounce Emilia as ema-leah instead of eh-mil-ia because I know a girl named Amelia and I don't care for her, so I hate that pronunciation. And i'm a little bias since my name is Emily and I like it better

    And I won't rant about it again cause I have been all over nameberry but I'd like to just tell everyone who even thinks of using the name Linnea not to unless they have a swedish connection so they can actually hear how it's supposed to be pronounced because American's are butchering it so badly.
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    I never understood why so many people liked the name Declan until I realized I was pronouncing it wrong. I was pronouncing it "dee-CLAN" instead of "DECK-lin". I also though Ewan was pronounced "EE-win" until just a few days ago. Now I know it's pronounced "YOO-in". I thought Siobhan was "SE-oh-bahn" for a while. I mispronounced SO MANY Irish names. Now that I know how some of them are pronounced, I can usually figure out the correct way to pronounce ones I've never seen/heard before. Nameberry is a life-saver. lol There are still a few names I can't quite pronounce, and NB doesn't have the answer. Lorelei is one of them.
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