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    The Harry Potter books! I read them when I was very young and when I got older, I realized I'd been pronouncing all the names wrong!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jennipea382 View Post
    The name I thought of for this is Carys. I thought it was pronounced cuh-REESE and I loved it. Then I found out it was care-iss. Not as pretty IMO :-(
    That's wrong too. 'kah-riss'. 'Kah' like at the start of 'cat'.

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    @namehappy, I think you meant Siobhan. I was also very confused when I watched the first Harry Potter movie! I'm a big fan of pronouncing the 'i' sound / syllable in names, "Jull-ee-a" and "Will-ee-am". I was so disappointed to find that Dashiell is pronounced "Da-sheel" and not "Da-shee-ell".

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    Quote Originally Posted by livia View Post
    Lucia. I pronounced it as Loo-SEE-ah, but then I saw Nameberry's guide which says it's Loo-sha. Also, this is kind of the opposite, I used to hate Caleb because I thought it was CALL-eb, which sounds like someone saying Callum with a stuffy nose. I loved it once I realised it was CAY-leb
    I've known a few Lucias, and I have only EVER heard it pronounced Loo-CHEE -uh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by missusaytch View Post
    This just happened yesterday. I thought Lyra was pronounced LEER-uh but it's actually LIGH-ruh. Well, I have heard you can say it either way but LIGH-ruh seems far more common.

    This one bummed me out also...I have loved the name since I first read The Golden Compass when I was 12 - in my head she was always LEE-rah, not LIGH-ra (although in retrospect the latter pronunciation is a little bit punny perhaps with her character, much like Low-key Lyesmith in American Gods) but both are pretty.
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