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    In elementary school, I came across the name Sean and thought it was pronounced like seen until I had a fellow classmate with the name.
    Other than that, Imogen is the one that I have trouble with. I prefer to say it like Eye-mo-gen, but I believe the correct pronunciation is more like Em-oh-gen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by annie85 View Post
    Other than that, Imogen is the one that I have trouble with. I prefer to say it like Eye-mo-gen, but I believe the correct pronunciation is more like Em-oh-gen.
    It's pretty much say what you see: 'im-oh-jen' but if you're in a rush, it usually comes out like 'im-uh-jen'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    It's Welsh...

    You're right, i was tired when I posted. My Scottish names theme expanded to include Welsh and Irish and i didn't differentiate

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    Quote Originally Posted by kibby View Post
    The only Cassia I know pronounces her name Cass-see-ah????? I didn't know it could be said another way haha, I know Acacia is pronounced close to what you are saying, like Ah-kash-ah or something very similar, I always thought it was said differently also.
    I haven't read the whole thread, sorry if it's been mentioned. Acacia is uh-kay-shuh. There is a fraternity with that name and I know someone named Cacia, pronounced like Acacia without the A at the beginning.

    The name I thought of for this is Carys. I thought it was pronounced cuh-REESE and I loved it. Then I found out it was care-iss. Not as pretty IMO :-(
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    I would say the same as the Berry who began the thread... Cassius without the Cash! As far as i knew, it was just the sane as Cassidy or Cassie.

    As a child, i had a Cabbage Patch named Lavinia-- the first time I ever heard it, I prn it Lav-een-a not La-vin-i-ya. I like both prns now!

    Marcia= Mar-see-a not Marsha; Cyril= Sir-ill not See-ril or Sigh-ril... And last but not least, I used to think Diana was prn Dinah lol
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