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    I fell in love with Cressida pronounced like cre-SEE-da instead of CRESS-i-da.
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    Cair Paravel :)
    I love Cassia! Said CASH-ah. Probably stems from my current dislike for the Cassie sound. I still get the lovely, naturey Cass- beginning, but with Cassie being less inevitable.

    The only example I can think of off-hand is Madchen. And Adelaide. I loved Madchen as an uncommon alternative for Madeleine/Madelyn, but then I found out it sounds sort of like MAY-chee-yen, and I had been saying it MAD-chen, which I like so much more! And I spent years (I mean, years. I had been on name boards for about 4 years before I realized!) pronouncing Adelaide as AY-del-aid. I had no clue it started with the "Add" sound! I was so disappointed initially, haha. I mean, I must have been saying Adelaide out loud as AY-del-AID for years, I have no clue why no one corrected me until I saw the prn guide on Nameberry last fall! lol. I remember ranting on other name forums about how Addy as a nn for Adelaide made absolutely no sense, lol.
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    Saoirse. I orginally thought it was pronounced "Soar-sha". Then I found out it's actually pronounced "Seer-sha".

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    Quote Originally Posted by hazeleyes View Post
    The name I mis pronounced was Aurelia. I thought it was Aura-leah... Kinda like how it spelled not Aur-relia.
    I'm still not sure how to pronounce this. I first pronounced it Ah-RELL-yuh, but Nameberry says it's Aw-REEL-yuh. Still confused though.
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    Wait! Aurelia is pn Aur-relia? I had no idea. Guess that's my example too.
    By the way, Cassia can be pn both ways.
    Also, on a different note, I thought Isla was pn iss-la. I hated it until I found the real pn, eye-la, which is much better.
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