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    Ever fall in love with a name, only to find out you're pronouncing it wrong?

    I always thought the name Cassia was pronounced Kass-ee-uh and I fell in love with. Then I found out that it is pronounced Kash-uh and I was soooo disappointed!

    Please share your stories!

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    When I first read Anne of Green Gables I thought Cordelia was pronounced cor-dell-ee-ah, but my school librarian corrected me. It took me awhile to get used to the real pronounciation but now I love it! I still pronounce Azalea az-uh-lay-ah, like my sister's friend does (that's where I first heard the name) though I've since been told it's uh-zay-lee-ah. I do like that pronounciation, just not as much- maybe because I'm not used to it?
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    The only Cassia I know pronounces her name Cass-see-ah????? I didn't know it could be said another way haha, I know Acacia is pronounced close to what you are saying, like Ah-kash-ah or something very similar, I always thought it was said differently also.

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    It's a bit embarrassing, but I used to think that the "G" in Gemma was pronounced the same was as the "g" in "get." Oops!
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    I am the only person in the world who seems to read Alicia as Alice-e-ah rather than Al-lee-sha. I prefer my pronunciation! Also my American husband and I (British) clash over Loo-shun vs Loose-e-ahn.

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