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    Yup, that has happened to me with Lilia. And probably a lot more names, but ive forgotten about them.
    Edit: oops, that happened to me with Niamh too.... And Hermione as someone else mentioned
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    I just found out yesterday my pronunciation of Acacia as Akay-CEE-uh is wrong, it is A-Kay-sha. I like mine better also pronounced Lina Lyn-ah instead of Lee-nah, Nedia as Nod-ee-uh instead of Need-ee-uh :/
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    YESSSS!!!!!! I LOVED Blythe until I found out it wasn't pronounced "bleeth" (like Yasmine Bleeth). Total disappoinment and no longer on my list.

    Oh and Cassia CAN be pronounced "cass ee uh." In fact, most would pronounce it as such.
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    Makes me feel better about Cassia! I added it to my girl's list again. I think it has been on and off of it three times now. Lol.

    I thought the same thing about Blythe. "Bleeth" sounds like sheep.

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    Lucia. I pronounced it as Loo-SEE-ah, but then I saw Nameberry's guide which says it's Loo-sha. Also, this is kind of the opposite, I used to hate Caleb because I thought it was CALL-eb, which sounds like someone saying Callum with a stuffy nose. I loved it once I realised it was CAY-leb
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