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    Quote Originally Posted by norbury View Post
    I am the only person in the world who seems to read Alicia as Alice-e-ah rather than Al-lee-sha. I prefer my pronunciation! Also my American husband and I (British) clash over Loo-shun vs Loose-e-ahn.
    I'm an Alisha who gets Alice-e-ah, Ah-liss-ah, and Ah-lish-ah (lish like fish) all the time! It's gotten pretty old over the years.

    When I was little, I was absolutely enamored by the name Celeste. I think I pronounced it Cel-es-tee, or something like that. Then I met someone named Celeste, learned it was pronounced differently, and was promptly crushed. Looking back on it now, I quite prefer the proper pronunciation!

    Not sure if this counts, but I've been reading some forums about my favorite video games (the final fantasy series) lately and discovering that I've managed to mangle a lot of the names. But I've been saying them my way for so long that it feels weird to change!
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    @uselesskitty, the exact same thing happened to me... then a few days later I learned on nameberry that both pronunciations are technically correct, but I love both now.

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    I think Cassia can be pronounced both ways and I'd say your way is more the intuitive one for me.

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    I didn't really ever like the name, but for the longest time i thought the name Sibohan was pronounced Sib-o-han and I thought it was a very weird name. never did i think that it was pronounced Shi-vaughn.

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    Yes! I totally thought Hermione was pronounced Her-me- own instead of Her- my- onee. I read almost all the Harry Potter books pronouncing it wrong. I only figured it after hearing it in the movie. I felt so silly!

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