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    Quote Originally Posted by frankie View Post
    I spent years saying Aloysius how it looks, uh-LOY-see-us, only to take it off my list when I discovered it was pronounced AL-oh-WISH-iss.
    In German, it's actually close to the way you pronounce it (and the way I prefer it as well)! ah-loy-zee-us. You can here it here:
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    I always thought it was ah-Kay-see-ah lol oops..

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    YES!! Ugh! This is the bane of my name-loving existence. Usually, for me, it happens when I like a character from TV/film and the actors all have accents. I loved Eirene from Rome, and all the characters pronounced it ay-REH-nee, which may or may not be the correct pronunciation, but regardless it would be pronounced like Eireen/Irene on first glance where I live. I thought it was Noreni for the longest time.

    Same thing happened with Ianthe (heard eye-ANN-thee, it's actually ee-ANN-thee or ee-ANN-tee, even YANN-thee) and Niobe (heard neye-OH-bee, it's actually NEE-oh-bee, but apparently this is up for debate... but someone on NB pointed out that it sounds like Nairobi :P). Those Latin and Greek names are tricky buggers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by justskinandbone View Post
    I orginally thought Rosamund was prn. "Rosa-mund" like its spelled. Now I know it's "Rhaz-a-mund." I still love the name but not Roz as a nn, which I assume would happen.
    We have a Rosamund - ROhZ-a-mund who we call Mundi. Somebody suggested Maudie as a possible nickname for it.

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    Imogen.... I've only ever heard it pronounced as "Emma-Gene"... Now that I've learned the correct pronunciation I just don't like it as much.

    Which really stinks because DH was pretty close to caving and us using it for our 3rd daughter due in July.

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