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    Quote Originally Posted by dindlee View Post
    Mine is Briony/Bryony. I always thought it was bree-oh-knee and I believe is Brian-ee. Sigh.

    And Love Actually is currently in the DVD player. Hehehe. Makes me wish I was British!
    Ah I thought it was bree-oh-knee too! Learn something new everyday eh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kellbell23 View Post
    [ When she said her name, it still sounded like LEE-na. Maybe a someone who speaks German can shed some light?
    I listened to it on Forvo a few times. Sounds like 'lay-na' to me. There's just a very slight note of 'ee' attached to the 'ay' sound that I can't figure out how to describe phonetically.

    Also yes. Love Actually is so marvellous and so wonderfully 'us'

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    I really liked Blythe but thought it was blith (short I sound) instead of bl-eye-the.
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    Quote Originally Posted by heytherepigeon View Post
    ...and thus, Amanda learned that she had been pronouncing Cassia wrong. Hmph. I like it better as CASS-ee-uh!

    Anyway, I absolutely fell in love with the name Marlene, but I pronounced it as mar-LEEN. I posted a thread about it to share my love, only to get multiple replies from people telling me it was actually something like mar-LAY-nuh. Aha. I was so disappointed! Personally, I think I could get away with the mar-LEEN pronunciation...but I'm not sure!
    I'm way late, but I have a friend in her mid twenties who pronounces it mar-LEEN. I think both are accepted.
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    I have only known Marlene pronounced Mar-LEEN. I have heard of Marlene as Mar-LAY-na (and would always say that for Marlena), but my go-to pronunciation of Marlene has always been like Arlene, Darlene, etc. I too think both are accepted, at least in North America.

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