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    I orginally thought Rosamund was prn. "Rosa-mund" like its spelled. Now I know it's "Rhaz-a-mund." I still love the name but not Roz as a nn, which I assume would happen.

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    Mine is Briony/Bryony. I always thought it was bree-oh-knee and I believe is Brian-ee. Sigh.

    And Love Actually is currently in the DVD player. Hehehe. Makes me wish I was British!
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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    Quote Originally Posted by norbury View Post
    I am the only person in the world who seems to read Alicia as Alice-e-ah rather than Al-lee-sha. I prefer my pronunciation! Also my American husband and I (British) clash over Loo-shun vs Loose-e-ahn.
    Lucian = Loo-shun
    Lucien = Loo-see-en (close to loose-e-ahn)

    I like both, but Lucien is my favourite!

    And to OP, YES! I thought I liked Jessamine, but when I found out it was Jess-a-myn, I no longer liked it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by heytherepigeon View Post
    Anyway, I absolutely fell in love with the name Marlene, but I pronounced it as mar-LEEN. I posted a thread about it to share my love, only to get multiple replies from people telling me it was actually something like mar-LAY-nuh. Aha. I was so disappointed! Personally, I think I could get away with the mar-LEEN pronunciation...but I'm not sure!
    Marlene is my grandmother's name, and she pronounces it as mar-LEEN, which I think is beautiful.

    I had a hispanic student named Valeria. The first time I read her name, I am embarrassed to admit that I pronounced it as Val-er-EE-a. She informed me that she pronounces it as Val-AID-ya. My brother is a Spanish major, and he said that some hispanic dialects would pronounce the "r" sound in a way that sounds like a "d" to our American ears.

    On the same note, we had a German exchange student in high school named Lena. I pronounced her name as "LEE-na", but she said that none of us were pronouncing it right. When she said her name, it still sounded like LEE-na. Maybe a someone who speaks German can shed some light?

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    This is pretty embarrassing, but for the longest time I thought Eloise was pronounced Ell-oyz!

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