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    I like Aislinn (with the extra n). I think it's pretty and uncommon, but not too out there.

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    First off, sorry to hear about your losses. I am so glad that you are 31 weeks pregnant, congratulations!
    From your list my favorites are:
    Annabe (I think it's adorable)
    Geneva (Stunning)
    Gillian (Pretty)
    Saraline (This is probably my favorite!)

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    Congrats on your pregnancy. I'm sorry for your loses but it's wonderful to want to honor your children.
    Emmett and Riley smooshed give me Emily--I think it would be lovely to use as a middle since it's more common.Or something less common like Riletta, but I'm not sure I like that and a lot of your options end in -a anyway.

    Annabe - it's cute, but it'll forever be mistaken for Annabel
    Geneva - one of my all time favorites I think all of the nn options and the lovely meaning and the sole spelling.
    Aislin - this isn't a pleasant sound to me. sounds like A's or aids to me.
    Arenata - interesting but makes me think aeronautical.
    Athena - beautiful sound. I like this a lot. Also Althea, which is less popular.
    Gillian - I like this one a lot! It's definitely more popular, but it's lovely and the G spelling makes it a tad more unique.
    Saraline - meh, not wild about this one, bit too smooshy for my taste
    Arisa - my first instinct would be to pronounce is Ar-RISS-uh, and I'd probably mistake it for Marisa or Larisa or Carissa

    my favorites:
    Geneva Emily
    Athena Emily
    Althea Emily
    Gillian Emily
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    Congrats on your pregnancy!

    I just want to suggest Iris - which means "rainbow" - because I think it's a very positive image in light of what you've battled to reach her.
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    Congratulations, how wonderful to have a daughter finally!!!

    I heard a name today close to my own daughter's name but with a different meaning, one which might resonate with you:

    Eliana it means "God has answered"

    Just fyi I also read an article that said that after you have a baby your body produces more eggs - the only time in your life it happens. Don't know your situation but I thought that was a neat fact.

    Also another thought - you can have as many middle names as you want!

    Or, what about the middle name Emily? (Emmett & Riley = Emily)

    Or, is there a name that has a meaning that would be a tribute to their siblings in heaven? Perhaps "Heaven"? or "Hope"?

    Hope this helps

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