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    Smile How Do Theses Names Sound Together?

    I have twins and their names are Emmett Malachi and Brennah Natalie, they were born in October of 2011, I am currently pregnant and due in April, I haven't found out what I am having for the sole purpose that we don't have a name yet. So For a girl our plan is Kendall Aidelyne and for a boy our plan is Kellan Abraham. Now I am just wondering what these names sound like to other people rather then just us. Thankk You to all the Berries, and I will be checking back soon.

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    Kendall and Kellan are too matchy for my liking. Twins are individuals and should be given their own unique names. Even EMMett, BrENNah, KENdall and KellAN are too similar. Abraham is a fine mn but Aidelyne is not a pretty. Why not keep is simple and choose Adalyn or Adelyn? If I had to choose between them, I think Kellan Abraham is the better option.


    Kellan and Keira
    Kellan and Kirstie
    Kellan and Kylie
    Kellan and Khloe
    Kellan and Kathleen
    Kellan and Kate

    Kellan and Caitlin
    Kellan and Carys
    Kellan and Cara
    Kellan and Cadence
    Kellan and Cambria
    Kellan and Casey
    Kellan and Cora
    Kellan and Colleen
    Kellan and Courtney
    Kellan and Candace
    All the best,

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    The twins are Emmett Malachi and Brennah Natalie.........Kendall Aidelyne and Kellan Abraham are my ideas for the baby I am having in April.....

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    I really like the names you have for your twins. For the boy, Kellan Abraham is a great name. Your girl name isn't my favorite. I know that there are Kendall's that are girls, in the area I live in it is very much a boy name. The middle name of the girl is very pretty though!

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    Talking The girls name

    I have a pattern and I want the girls first name to have 2 syllables and no long vowels, I also want it to end in LL. In my life I have never came across a guy named Kendall, but I am open for options if anybody has any. Thank You..

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