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    Red face Middle Names for Catherine

    Which do you like better:

    1. Catherine Emma
    2. Catherine Felicity
    3. Catherine Lily
    4. Catherine Violet

    And why?

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    Catherine Felicity is actually one of the name combos we're considering if we have a girl, so of course that's my favorite of your choices! I love that together the names mean "pure happiness". I also like the contrast between fairly popular Catherine and less common Felicity.

    Catherine Lily and Catherine Violet are also beautiful. If I had to choose between them, I would probably go with Violet just because I love "V" names, but either would be great.

    Emma's a pretty name, but the flow of Catherine Emma feels off to me. Emma Catherine sounds better IMO.

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    My favorite would be Catherine Lily. I love the contrast between the serious, classic Catherine and the more light hearted Lily. Second would be a tie between between Catherine Violet and Catherine Felicity.
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    Catherine Felicity by a mile! It's so beautiful!

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    I like Catherine Lily the best. I like Catherine Felicity and Catherine Emma, too, and I love Violet, just not with Catherine--but the sweetheart Lily pairs so wonderfully with the classic, timeless Catherine. I would love to meet a Catherine Lily.
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