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Thread: Ofaelia?

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    I am not sure if it is already a name but I wanted to use Ofelia pronounced oh-fae-lee-ah instead of oh-feel-ee-ah. So I decided to change the spelling and add an a. What do you think of the name Ofaelia? Is it cute or is it tacky

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    I actually kind of love it. I wish I liked the name Ophelia/Ofelia, but that "felia" at the end just reminds me of SO many unpleasant things, (necrophilia, paedophilia, etc...are there any good philia's?) Ofaelia has the same flavour, but by changing that one sound, it feels more usable to me. It's a good way to insure correct pronunciation, but for the record, I think, "Ofelia" could be validly pronounced oh-FAEL-ee-ya, too.

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    It looks terrible. Pretty pronunciation, but to look at it is pretty bad.

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    I'm not a fan of oh-fae-lee-ah
    The ending reminds me of "failure". Probably more so because I live near Boston

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    I'm not a fan of the sound of Ofaelia. It sounds like mispronunciation of Ophelia. My other thing is that it's awfully close to having 'fail' in her name.
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