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    Sapphire Square Gated-Community Round 7


    Families 31-35

    Household 31: Married Couple

    Him: (40)
    Job: Elementary School Special Education Teacher

    Her: (37)
    Job: Mayor (politician)

    Kids: 3
    Genders: Odd-Male Even-Female
    Age: Roll 12 Sided Die (12 can be 12 or infant)
    (Some Kind of Theme With the Names, use the dice roll if possible)

    Pets: 1 Horse (off site), 2 Fish

    Household 31: Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
    you choose why the grandparents have custody, and if you want to add parents names and etc.

    Grandfather: (66)
    Job: Carpenter

    Grandmother: (67)
    Job: Sign Language Interpreter

    GrandKids: Roll 4 Sided Die for Number
    Genders: Odd-Male Even-Female
    Ages: Roll 12 sided die and add 2

    Pets: 1 Bird (you choose kind), 2 Giant Dogs, 1 Small Dog, 1 Chicken & 1 Cat

    Household 33: Dating Couple

    Him: (27)
    Job: Graphic Designer

    Her: (24)
    Job: Car Mechanic

    Kids: None

    His: 1 Cockatoo
    Hers: 3 Small Dogs

    Household 34: Foster Parents

    Foster Dad: (36)
    Job: X-Ray Technician

    Foster Mom: (36)
    Job: Seamstress

    Foster Kids: 4 (can be related or not related)
    Genders: Odd-Male Even-Female
    Ages: Roll 10 Sided Die
    Biological Kids: 2
    Genders: Odd-Male Even-Female
    Ages: Roll 10 sided die and add 5
    Adopted Kids: 1
    Genders: Odd-Male Even-Female
    Ages: Roll 4 Sided die

    Pets: 2 Cats

    Household 35: Dating Couple and Kids

    Him: (46)
    Job: Computer Support Specialist

    Her: (40)
    Job: 3rd Grade Teacher

    Kids: Roll 6 Sided Die
    Genders: Odd-Male Even-Female
    Ages: Roll 20 Sided die (20= 20 or infant)

    Pets: None

    Roll for First and Middle Names
    1. Boys: Harlow, Colter, Ralph, Gabel, Lorenzo, Bear, Rosh, Schae, Paisley, Christian, Harry, Taden, Issac, Lincoln, Dominic, Richard, Jaxon, Nicolas, Jaden, Gabriel, Zane, Joshua, Adrian, Derek, Jose, Caiden, Anthony, Cameron, Mario, Jeremy, Roberto, Paul, Dakota, Kenneth, Steven, Erik, Cesar, Ethan, Evan, Aidan, Calvin, Ashton, Cody, Bryson, Edwin, Jason, Braden, Jonah, Sawyer, William
    Girls: Harlow, Julia, Lucy, Adelaide, Marita, Maeve, Amelia, Elodie, Catherine, Ruth, Charlotte, Arabella, Sadie, Gemma, Juno, Penny, Isabel, Ivy, Schae, Aurora, Mercedes, Bellatrix, Khaleesi, Stella, Emilia, Honora, Eliana, Amberly, Paisley, Cadie, Rowena, Christian, Shelby, Kyra, Kimberly, Sophie, Molly, Alondra, Angelina, Scarlett, Bella, Keira, Tessa, Kayla, Lillian, Kyla, Izabella, Valeria, Jasmine, Madison
    2. (african & french)
    4. Boys: Sam, Otis, Jones, Rivers, Ben, Hutch, Greer, Keenan, Lee, Reed, Reese, Mateo, Nathaniel, Anthony, Jayden, Alexavier, Ferrer, Adam, Ezekiel, Alexander, Cadet, Sojourner, Cezanne, Charm, Jade
    Girls: (or other color name)
    6. Boys: Hobbes, Calvin, Toby, Khalid, Edgar, Manuel, Jarvis, Wilber, Damion, Filiberto, Orville, Kendall, Rickey, Kelley, Johnson, Burl, Faustino, Fredrick, Benito, Billie, Nathanael, Jame, Young, Elijah, Murray, Rufus, Barry, Darryl, Lowell, Clark, Laurence, Geoffrey, Jeff, Mathew, Carol, Gerardo, Eddie, Curtis, Stanton, Marlin, Brock, Ted, Claude, Wilbert, Milford, Bertram, Minh, Kim, Mariano, Roberto
    Girls: Minerva, Flicka, Vivien, Georgina, Angelyn, Elaina, Daina, Shelia, Lilly, Jannette, Jenette, Bula, Shanda, Yahaira, Amparo, Chelsea, Julene, Rosalee, Lida, Fatimah, Jasmine, Alma, Coleen, Pandora, Margorie, Lani, Shanna, Vanetta, Mireya, Dawne, Josephina, Maranda, Collette, Jeni, Katharina, Erlene, Beatriz, Nada, Karon, Ramonita, Wynona, Cathrine, Sonya, Paula, Willow, Tempie, Tashina, Aura, Lin, Lisette
    9. Boys: (first or last name)
    10. (name of any lake or pond)
    11. Boys:
    Girls: (either page)
    12. Starts with S
    13. (use Piper, Titus, Lizzie & Maddox as inspirations)
    15. (scroll on top)
    16. Boys: Duffy, Desmond, Grable, Harley, Patrick, John, Joseph, Lawrence, Arthur, Todd, Chris, Timothy, Terry, Matthew, Roland, Howard, Alex, Bryant, Tracy, Williams, Troy, Edward, Nelson, Salvador, Wyatt, Keven, Carter, Palmer, Jae, Vince, Trey, Sydney, Lindsey, Ethan, Howard, Anderson, Allison, Chambers, Merritt, Keeler
    Girls: Louise, Duffy, Nella, Cat, Harley, Angelina, Marie, Janice, Ashley, Frances, Beverly, Christine, Evelyn, Denise, Cynthia, Lori, Doris, Jeanne, Shelly, Mindy, Virginia, Darlene, Gladys, Norma, Dana, Lorena, Erlinda, Nu, Shade, Elinor, Zandra, Sung, Saldan, aLavonne, Britney, Myrtice, Flores, Herrera, Winter, Gray
    18. Contains a C and K
    19. Contains an M and Y
    20. (rhode island, 1992)

    Last Names
    4. (mayor's last name)
    5. Ends with L
    7. Ends with H
    8. Contains an N and G
    9. (name of any god or goddess)
    10. Baxter or Millie

    Pet Names
    1. (doll name from era)
    2. (parent or child's name)
    3. Contains but doesn't start or end with a V
    4. Starts with V
    5. Contains but doesn't start with a J
    7. (feminine, occitan, maori, danish, classical roman & german)
    8. (either & cornish)
    9. (first or last name)

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    so it took out the bolded words:
    Household 31: Married Couple
    Household 32: Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
    Household 33: Dating Couple
    Household 34: Foster Parents
    Household 35: Couple Unmarried

    Roll for First and Middle Names

    Last Names

    Pet Names

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    Household 31: Married Couple

    Him: Sean Ryu Wendell (40)
    elementary special education teacher

    Her: Debera Jeanne {Johnson} Wendell (37)
    mayor {politician}

    Kids: 3
    DD: Joan Neela Wendell (11)
    DD: Dawne Cyra Wendell (9)
    DS: John Isaac Wendell (7)

    Pets: 3
    Horse: Libby (19)
    Fish: Agnetha & Morwenna

    Household 32: Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
    Fred and Noko have custody of their three grandsons after their son and daughter-in-law were arrested for drug dealing.

    Grandfather: Frederick Stefan Millie (66)

    Grandmother: Nokomis Amelia {Dean} Millie (67)
    sign language interpreter

    GrandKids: 3
    DGS: Alexander Wing Millie (10)
    DGS: Anderson Travis Millie (7) "Andy"
    DGS: Vincent Uzochi Millie (3)

    Pets: 6
    Canary: Roysa (4)
    Irish Wolfhounds: Margh & Mia (6 & 1)
    Cockapoo: Maggie (9)
    Guinea Hen: Ivy (7)
    Japanese Bobtail: Waverly (5)

    Household 33: Dating Couple

    Him: Joshua Evan Luna (27)
    graphic designer

    Her: Harper Herrera Moal (24)
    car mechanic

    Kids: None

    Pets: 4
    Cockatoo: Morwenna (43)
    Jack Russell Terriers: Gideon & Yoji (10 & 12)
    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: Sebastian (15)

    Household 34: Foster Parents

    Foster Dad: Samuel Jame Shell (36)
    x-ray technician

    Foster Mom: Kayla Georgette {Millie} Shell (36)

    Kids: 7
    Biological Kids:
    DS: Stanley Clark Shell (9)
    DS: George David Shell (9)
    Adopted Kids:
    DAD: Kacie Samantha Shell (1)
    Foster Kids:
    DFS: Oliver Silver Prush (10)
    DFD: Diane Aurora Senay (6)
    DFD: Patty Rhoda Newberg (1)
    DFD: Paige Lavonne Newberg (1)

    Pets: 2
    Colorpoint Shorthair Cat: Violet (11)
    Somali Cat: Morwen (15)

    Household 35: Dating Couple

    Him: Chandler Nero Shannon (46)
    computer support specialist

    Her: Ximena Bobbi Paskell (40)
    3rd grade teacher

    Kids: 3
    DS: Brandom Sammy Paskell (6)
    DD: Amaka Saira Paskell (5)
    DS: Reed Sebastiano Paskell (2)

    Pets: None

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    Household 31: Married Couple
    Him: Lucius Zackery Baxter (40)
    Elementary School Special Education Teacher

    Her: Toni Kate (Zangari) Baxter (37)
    Mayor (Politician)

    Kids: 3
    -DS: Marcellus Gannon Baxter (11)
    -DD: Minerva Yuki Baxter (10)
    -DS: Michael Jade Baxter (6)

    Pets: 1 Horse (off site), 2 Fish
    -Horse: Aykroyd
    -Fish: Tegan & Alma

    Household 32: Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
    (Raising grandkids after parents died in a car accident)
    Grandfather: Hugh Lee Tülay (66)

    Her: Rosalee Lily (Wallach) Tülay (67)
    Sign Language Interpreter

    Grandkids: 4
    -DGD: Jessica Kiley Tülay (14)
    -DGS: Hugh Mylo Tülay (11)
    -DGS: Chandler Geoffrey Tülay (7)
    -DGS: Patrick Xavier Tülay (3)

    Pets: 1 Bird, 2 Giant Dogs, I Small Dog, 1 Chicken, & 1 Cat
    -Bird (Parrot): Verity
    -Giant Dogs (Great Danes): Valentin & Morissette
    -Small Dog (Dachshund): Salma
    -Chicken: Edwina
    -Cat: Wyat

    Household 33: Dating Couple
    Him: Kedrick Sergio Krzyzewski (27)
    Graphic Designer

    Her: Datiah Tawny Neptune (24)
    Car Mechanic

    Kids: None

    Pets: 4
    -His: 1 Cockatoo
    --Cockatoo: Malick
    -Hers: 3 Small Dogs
    --Small Dogs (Pugs): Octavio, Iago, & Flossie

    Household 34: Foster Parents
    Foster Dad: Khalid Elijah Miriam (36)
    X-Ray Technician

    Foster Mom: Merrimac Molly (Millie) Miriam (36)

    Kids: 7 (4 Foster, 2 Biological, 1 Adopted)
    -DFD: Ashley Garnet Sangster (10)
    -DFD: Cat Saffron Sangster (8)
    -DFS/DFS: Cadet Gyasi Sangster & Raymond Tracy Sangster (7)
    -DD (Biological): Sunset Izabella Miriam (9)
    -DD (Biological): Sanie Zoe Miriam (7)
    -DAD: Elyse Shanda Miriam (1)

    Pets: 2 Cats
    -Cats: Vaunne & Vida

    Household 35: Dating Couple and Kids
    Him: Ryan Jason Baxter (46)
    Computer Support Specialist

    Her: Nicky Venice Nash (40)
    3rd Grade Teacher

    Kids: 3
    -DD/DD: Darlene Colleen Baxter/Myrtle Vicky Baxter (14)
    -DD: Nomusa Isabel Baxter (12)

    Pets: None
    Possible future son names:
    Thaddeus John
    Kenneth Tobias
    Joseph Terrence
    Samuel Eliezer
    Cillian Padraic
    Phineas Llewellyn
    Nathaniel Jonah
    Michael Thomas
    Arthur Henry
    William Ferris

    Possible future daughter names:
    Johannah Sybil
    Anna Louise
    Beatrice Laura
    Clara Alice
    Rebekah Sarai
    Sarah Kennedy
    Josephine May
    Primrose Dorothy
    Saoirse Niamh
    Cadence Snow

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    The Gonzalez Family

    DH (40): Bastien Creed
    DW (37): Katherine Rose

    DS (8): Auburn Malachy
    DD (6): Magenta Colette
    DS (3): Silver Ahmad

    -Horse: Lilly

    Bastien and Katherine with Auburn, Magenta, Silver and pet Lilly.

    The Lowell Family

    DGF (66): Johnson Salix
    DGM (67): Catherine Alice

    DGS (14): Cameron James
    DGD (12): Cherokee Nemy
    DGD (9): Chelsea Drusilla
    DGS (6): Curtis Rainhold

    -Bird: Hulda
    -Dog: Moon
    -Dog: Javier
    -Dog: Wendy
    -Cat: Kay

    Johnson and Catherine with Cameron, Cherokee, Chelsea, Curtis and pets Hulda, Moon, Javier, Wendy and Kay.

    The Baxter Family

    DBF (27): Henry Bryant
    DGF (24): Anna Lavender

    -Dog: Biel
    -Dog: Matty
    -Dog: Angel

    Henry and Anna with pets Biel, Matty and Angel.

    The Stewart Family

    DH (36): Paul Kendrick
    DW (36): Monique Gravity

    DS (11): Samuel Hunt
    ADS/ADD (9): Allan Kane & Alyssa Maisie
    DS (6): Harrison Leo
    ADD (4): Adeline Kamali
    ADS (3): Arthur Shane
    ADD (2): Alison Love


    Paul and Monique with Samuel, Allan, Alyssa, Harrison, Adeline, Arthus, Alison and pet Malie.

    The Georgia Family

    DH (46): Silas Austen
    DW (40): Kadence Rose

    DD (14): Kara Ondine
    DD (10): Khaleesi Dana
    DS/DS (7): Kasper Mackay & Kellach Mackinsey
    DD (4): Karlene Andre
    DS (1): Keenan Forrest

    Silas and Kadence with Kara, Khaleesi, Kasper, Kellach, Karlene and Keenan.
    Federica Maria. Italy. Teen.

    Rowley Pine // Brenner Fox // Raeburn Maxen
    Bexley Liev // Kian Daley // Leonardo Klee
    Wilder Harrison // Axel Caspian // Magnus Galway // Rainer Colin

    Clarissa Leire // Shae Locklyn // Maelys Cali
    Laken Persephone // Eila Beatrix // Raleigh Bliss
    Arabella Zelie // Cylia Jude // Evelyn Kahlo // Thessaly Maeve

    Current favourites:
    Tanith. Mahaly. Alea. Tara.
    Caedyn. Joshua. Kymani. Mathieu.

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