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    Thoughts on Caroline with this nn ...

    Hi ...

    The name Caroline Elise ... what are your thoughts? Also do you think I could get away with using the nn Callie for Caroline?? I just think Caroline is more my style than say, Calista, but I could go that route if you think Callie is too much of a stretch for Caroline.

    Other current possibility is Elise Catherine ... currently no nn, would just call her Elise.


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    It is a bit of a stretch, but doable.

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    That's a great nn for Caroline!

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    I think it works just fine! Callie is really cute! I am liking Caroline more and more, myself. I love Elise though and I have it on my list as a first. It is just beautiful and elegant and simple. I vote for Elise Catherine! But Caroline, Callie is beautiful too!

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    Caroline Elise and Elise Catherine are both great names. I think that you could get away with calling Caroline Callie. Also, I know some little girls who are named Callie, not as a nickname.

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