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    flick Guest
    I think just Lea in the middle is a good idea, it's very pretty and straightforward. Jaylee is cute, but maybe TOO cute? Will age well? Are you set on a J name or are you open to anything?

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    Had the same thoughts on jaylee that is why I ran jaiyla by her hmm but seems the spelling is frowned upon but I myself thought it look pretty spelt like that I mean it breaks down to jaala is where jaiyla came not truly set our minds are open to any ideas

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    flick Guest
    Have you checked out behindthename? It's a nice resource, I use it quite often.

    Not knowing 100% what your style is, here are some suggestions:

    Jalila - I've always loved this, it has such a pretty meaning "Exalted", and it also kind of has the "lea" / "lee" sound in it.
    Jyoti - I second this suggestion for you! It's got such an interesting spelling already without changing it, the meaning is beautiful "light" and the pronunciation is so pretty.(jyo-tee).I think Jyoti Lea would be incredible. (This is a Sanskrit name).

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    If you want to use Lea in the middle, Jaylee or Jayla might be a bit much. Do you like Jayne, Janie or Janelle? I really like Blade's suggestions of Joelle, Janiah or Jasmina for you.
    What about:
    Joelle Leanna
    Janiah Lea
    Jasmina Lea
    Janelle Leah
    Jayla Lane
    Jaylee Lauren
    Under construction...

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    Exotic J-names:
    Jalia (clear - Arabic)
    Jaya (victory - Sanskrit)
    Jamila (beautiful - Arabic)
    Juhi (a flower - Sanskrit origin, also the name of a Bollywood actress)
    Junia (I know someone with this name)

    Oh, by the way - Jyoti - suggested by Flick and Blade - is my name.
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    Feel free to ask me about Sanskrit-based names.

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