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    Thoughts on unconventional spelling of sara - "Cera"

    I absolutely LOVE the name Cera however I have never cared for the traditional spelling - Sara. What is your opinion of the unconventional spelling with respect to the impacts on childhood and adulthood? (mn will be "Lydian")

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    Honestly, I just think of that actor Michael Cera. I pronounce that name completely different from Sara/Sarah. More like "serr-ah" vs. "sair-uh." I don't think there's anything wrong with using Cera as a first name, if you like it. Cera Lydian is pretty cool and relatively unusual.
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    I think spelling it Cera will be a massive PITA for your baby. My name is pretty common (especially for people around my age), spelled the normal way and people still mess it up or mishear it on a regular basis. That will be every time for little Cera, since no one would instinctively think that's how it was spelled.
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    I really don't like it. No one will know how to spell it. It looks like a mix of Sara and Sierra to me. I much prefer Sara.
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    My best friend when I was a kid was a Cera. I don't remember if she ever got teased for it; I don't think she did, but I do remember our teachers could never get it right. She would get "Ciara" or "Kiara" or "Seera" a lot. She constantly had to correct people. I think she did always like the fact that it was unique though, because she was a very unique person herself.

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