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    Honestly, it's awful. Jaiyla and J'Lea are both random inventions that are entirely too similar to be used together. What about these?

    Aelia (eye-LEE-ah) - Roman name, possibly meaning "sun"
    Alaia (ul-EYE-ah) - Basque name meaning "joyful"
    Ayala (eye-ah-LAH) - Hebrew name meaning "doe, gazelle"
    Jalila - Arabic name meaning "important, exalted"
    Jolie - French name meaning "pretty"

    All of these have similar sounds to those in Jaiyla and J'Lea. If you're set on Jaiyla, spell it Jayla.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jc_007 View Post
    Funny how you said justice that is my girls last we were also just thinking Lea as her middle thats my girls middle name..She wanted something of her name in the babies name Jennifer lea justice is hers..any ideas would be great. She really likes jaylee as her first
    If the baby is going to have your last name as her last name, then Justice would be pretty awesome in the middle. Baby's mom would get to pass on her name in a cool, unique way. "Justice" is a very uplifting name that will serve your daughter well throughout life.

    She doesn't like Jayla, but she does like Jaylee. I would use that then-- Jaylee Justice. Very very nice, and easy to spell/pronounce. And as a bonus, Jaylee is almost exactly like "J. Lea," for "Jennifer Lea."

    But seriously, spell it how you want, just avoid "jail."
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