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    Really? In my opinion, education is education. Whatever you do, there must be education being received. Balanced, factual, true education. The opportunity for flexibility in the curriculum could be either be useful or exploited, depending on the parent / guardian.

    It's funny, my dad went to a public school and was taught RE (Religious Education) by a very vehement Christian. I go to a public school and was taught RE by a very open-minded teacher. In terms of the hardcore Christian homeschooling discussed earlier, I guess a son who didn't like being homeschooled by a hyperreligious mother could just quote Timothy 2:12 at her! Bwa hah hah.

    I'm atheist but my first ever school was actually very Christian (still a public school) but at home I was never raised with religion so the stuff they said really confused me. Now I'm in a very secular school. Suits me a lot better. No mandatory confusing stuff.
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