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    For mothers of boys

    When did you cave in and give your son his first haircut?

    Also, did it cause him to lose all his strength?
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    Holy mother of awesome.....

    Annnnd on that note, most of my friends with boys left it until the hair started getting in the way length wise, in front of their eyes and such. Some of them it was sooner rather than later. (My nephew is almost a year with no hair cut, my friends baby NEEDED one at 5 months!) Personally I love fluffy baby hair and lots of it, they look so much more grown up after first hair cuts

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    First of all, awwww!!

    Secondly, my godson is three and has yet to have a haircut. It's long, wavy and adorable!

    Please don't cut Antoine's hair, everytime I see your signature I see him (well, as I picture him (which is cute as a button!)) bouncing up and down with his golden curls.
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    Very funny, Blade. Gave me a good laugh.

    1. I don't remember; my son is ten years old and my memory is failing. I think I cut it short when he was very young because after having three girls, I wanted him to look most definitely like a boy.

    2. No, but his name isn't Samson.

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