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    Experience transitioning to solids from purees?

    Inspired by rollo's eating habits thread...

    Antoine is 10.5 months old and eats well; he's never refused a a food and obediently finishes his portions with no distractions. Lucky there. He's been on purees of increasing percentages for the last 5-6 months.

    Developmentally he should be transitioning from purees to soft solids-- foods that need to be mashed or chewed a little bit before swallowing. I have been patiently attempting to introduce these for the last month to 6 weeks. However, literally every time he takes something with more texture, he has difficulty. Either he chokes-- I've had to finger-sweep him multiple times, and Heimlich him twice; or, more frequently, he gags himself and brings up everything he's just eaten. That happened spectacularly at brunch this morning.

    Anyway, my question is the age-old one: is this normal? Do children have difficulty making this transition, are there lots of accidents and near-misses, or should I be worried that he has some kind of swallowing disorder?

    In case you're curious, the foods in question are pastas, long-cooked and chopped fine; mashed/strained vegetables; and egg yolks, cooked long and cut fine.
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