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    I'll second the suggestion of Eilish (I've always heard it pronounced "EYE-lish", as in Eileen, but yes, there is lots of regional variation). It's the Irish version of Elisabeth, so fits very well alongside Mairead as a variation of Margaret.

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    I love rare, vintage names (of the Celtic, Scottish, Irish and Welsh varieties especially)! It it much more about how they sound, and what they mean rather than spellings. Although, I do love the really out there type of spellings Isla is a tad too mainstream, I would prefer my children to all be the only one in their classes at least with their names (I was always the only Scarlett in my entire school. Now it is gaining in popularity though). I am not a fan of names that I hear regularly (or more than a hand full of times, ha ha!). Deglán was our favorite boys name, but I hear Declan is in the top 100 now

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    Have you considered Eibhlín? It is pronounced the same way as Eileen, being the original version of the name, and Eibhli / Aillidh could be a nickname.
    Best of luck!
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