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    Sorry to be the clueless one but how do you pronounce Mairéad Líadan? it looks really beautiful! someone suggested a way to make the 'eye-lee' pronounciation i know its not a really name but still beautiful and new names are being invented all the time! Vanessa was invented! What is wrong with inventing a name lol
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    [QUOTE=renrose;1744634]Eilidh is Scottish though. I've only heard it as 'ay-lee'.

    Whoops, I didn't read carefully enough! Many thanks for the correction.

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    Thank you all for your input! When I first came across the name Eilidh the pronunciation in the book said "ay-lee" and I must have thought "ay" was "aye" and had mispronounced it for a long time. So I fell in love with the sound of "eye-lee", and I've never been a fan of Hayley, so "ay-lee" kind of puts me off of the name. My mother's name is Helen though, so Eilidh was perfect, and when we thought it was "eye-lee" it was similar to Eileen, which is my husband's grandmother's name. It became our instant favorite name for a girl (after Mairéad. We felt it was more a younger sister name, and Mairéad was an older sister name).

    So we have to intentionally misspell it (which makes me sad, I don't want to invent a new name, nor do I like alternate spellings [for us! I don't mind some for other people!]) or intentionally mispronounce it, with good reason (the my mother, his grandmother reason). I think the only way we can use Eilidh as "ay-lee" would be if we had twins, and one was Eilidh and one was Islay (Isla).

    By the way, Mairéad is pronounced like parade but with an "m" instead of "p". Liadan is pronounced very much how it is spelled (Lee-uh-din).

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    Isla (eye-la) seems so perfect for you, as does Iona (eye-oh-na). Is Isla too mainstream for you? It is Scottish and just so sweet.

    E initial and Scottish makes me think of Elspeth, which has a gentle vintage sound to me, but with just a touch of spunkiness.

    ee-sound suggests Aoife, (ee-fa) which is beautiful and well-matched to Mairéad, and I'm guessing "difficult" pronunciations don't bother you?

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