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    Your name is Rowena Lily Waters, and you are a 24 year
    old psychologist living in Manhattan.

    You are currently living with your best friend,
    Tuesday Anastasia Smith, in a small apartment downtown. You've
    just gone through a horrible break-up, and are in no
    hurry to settle into another relationship. Tuesday
    decides to take you out barhopping one night,
    hoping to get your mind off things. After a couple of
    drinks, you become quite the chatty Cathy and start
    talking to a cute guy at the bar. You find out his
    name is Blake, and he is a writer for a popular TV
    show. You really hit it off, and you give him your

    You wake up the next morning feeling awful, so you
    walk down the street to Starbucks to get a much
    needed pick-me-up. While waiting in line, you start
    talking to the guy behind you, who is also nursing a
    hangover. He offers to buy your coffee in exchange
    for staying and chatting for a little while. You agree,
    because you think he's pretty cute. You really enjoy
    your impromptu coffee date with Ryan, and you find
    out he's a veterinarian. You decide to give him your
    number too, and agree to a second date.

    You are pretty psyched that your love life is starting
    to turn around after meeting Ryan, but a few days
    later you get a text from Blake. And suddenly you
    find yourself in a sticky situation. You really like
    both guys, so you decide to just date them both
    casually until you can decide between them. After 3
    months, you have to decide. You choose Blake:

    A) Blake Andrew Sweeney (28), writer for a
    primetime comedy show. He's constantly keeps
    you laughing, and is really romantic and charming.
    He loves sending you sweet emails while you're at
    work, and even sent you flowers. He loves going
    out to all the different sights of the towns, and is
    always planning spontaneous adventures you'd
    never be able to come up with yourself. He wants a
    few kids, but wants to always make sure there's
    some spice to life.

    You and Blake continue going on crazy adventures
    and traveling the world together. You go to England, India and Argentina before he takes you to your
    dream destination of Italy for your 3 year
    anniversary. Once you get back home, you start
    feeling nauseous, but you think you’ve just eaten
    some bad sushi. It’s not until 2 months go by that
    you realize you’re pregnant! You can tell Blake isn’t
    as overjoyed as you are, but he immediately makes
    room in his apartment for you and the new baby.
    You decide to be surprised by the gender, and 7
    months later, you are pleasantly surprised with a
    baby girl! She's named: India Charlotte Sweeney, India
    after one of your adventures.

    You instantly fall head over heels in love with
    Indie, and know you have to have at least a
    few more. Blake is content with just the one, but
    you spend the next 3 years wearing him down, and
    he finally agrees to try for another. On Indie's
    4th birthday, you find out you are pregnant! And
    much to both of your surprise, it’s twin boys! You
    decide that their names will be nothing alike, since
    they’ll already have so much in common. What do
    you name them?
    Twin 1: Roman Thatcher Sweeney
    Twin 2: Horatio Bandit Sweeney

    With three kids running around, you and Blake
    suddenly feel claustrophobic in that small
    apartment. You decide to move to a bigger place,
    and find a house on the edge of town. Blake hates
    the commute, but can’t deny how nice it is for the
    kids to have a yard to finally play in. Since you both
    agreed to not have any more children, you decide to
    get a dog instead. What kind of dog do you get?
    A golden Retriever named Aurelian.
    Sari, college freshman

    Cressida. Rosalind. Vera.
    Sage. Casimir. Lucian.

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