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    I know a little boy named "Cash Brown" but when you say it fast its always sounds like hash-brown to me. Also know a Cash Carr which reminds of me a bank car.
    There's a little girl I just met named "Lyra Piest" but said fast sounds like "La Rapist" with a french accent almost
    I went to high school with a "Mi Ho" (My Ho) and she got married now she's "Mi Friend".
    I also know a Robin Crow which I think is a little birdie
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    I knew an Isabelle Fuch growing up. Yeah, like I. Fuch. The last name is actually pronounce few-k, but kids of course had a great deal of fun with it.
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    I had a teacher with the last name Buttner. It's pronounced Bewt-ner, but people usually pronounce it Butt-ner.
    It's not exactly bad, actually funny, but there was a teacher at my school whose name is Penny Dollar. Dollar's her husband's name, so her parents didn't do it to her.
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    A friend of mine knows a Crystal Chanda Lier, like crystal chandelier. Also, my sister dated a guy named Charles Schultz, like the author of the Charlie Brown comic. And I heard of a missionary the other day who's name is Ken Dew, which sounds like "can do".
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    I have a nephew named Cash Wood, which I find rather funny.
    And a cousin named Kate Tate. Not Katherine or Kaitlin, just Kate.
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