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    Not Really! Funny or Ironic Name Combos You Actually Know

    Just wondering what ironic first name-last name combos you have actually heard before in person. No old wives tales of something gross and obviously made up. Sorry Mr. Harry Bagina, its nothing personal. But real actual names, humorous or just plain ironic, that you have personally met or seen. Names they were given or married into, not changed their name to for notoriety sake. I know there have got to be some good ones out there!

    I once met a cute girl from the south (US) named Khaki Brown, and another time an Ally Hall. But the more unbelievable ones were my grandparents friends Ted and Anita Wiener. I think back in their day it wasn't as obvious. Or people were just more mature than me. And my mom grew up with a Richard Rash ("Dick Rash").

    True story and I'm stickin' to it!
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    My uncle's last name used to be Geek (prn gehk), but he finally changed it to Geck because everyone was pronouncing it geek.
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    I knew an Isabelle Fuch growing up. Yeah, like I. Fuch. The last name is actually pronounce few-k, but kids of course had a great deal of fun with it.
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    I went to school with an Amber Butts...
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    My sister's friend swears he went to summer camp with someone whose dad's name was Dick Swett.
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