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    I went to school with a Marielle Lamb. Kids would always sing Mary had a her. I also had a neighbors named Ida Pugh and Noah Way. The kids always laughed about their names.

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    I once met an Ava Gina(rhymes with China)
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    Quote Originally Posted by gabbygrace1915 View Post
    I once met an Ava Gina(rhymes with China)


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    Southern Tennessee, believe it or not.
    I know a 10 year old girl named Allie Allison. Her first name is Allie and her last name is Allison. And one of the singers for the boy band One Direction is named Harry Styles. (Sounds like hairstyles.)
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    My boyfriend's orchestra teacher in high school was named Grace Song

    Also, his family is from a country in South America- so they speak spanish, and when they still lived there they knew a woman named Dolores Fuerte de Cabeza, which translates to "extreme pains of the head"
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