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  • Addison Rayleigh

    1 2.00%
  • Cera Lydian

    8 16.00%
  • Addison Aria

    5 10.00%
  • Tabitha Timbre

    13 26.00%
  • Aria Michaelis

    23 46.00%
  • Vesper Joule

    16 32.00%
  • Rayleigh Addison

    1 2.00%
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    Looking for a subtle way to honor our interests - chemistry and music

    We are expecting our first at the end of May (a little girl). We met in the college marching band and music has a special place in both our heart's. He has a PhD in chemistry (and a degree in music performance) and I work in pharmacy. We finally have a short list so I thought I'd ask for some outsiders opinions. Our last name is Humphries.

    Cera Lydian
    Addison Rayleigh
    Tabitha Timbre
    Addison Aria
    Vesper Joule
    Aria Michaelis
    Rayleigh Addison

    Please, all constructive opinions are welcome as we don't want to reveal her name to our friends and family until she arrives.

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    Okay, so I think I have figured out the meanings of all of the ones that "connect" to music/science. I'll give you my opinions of those and then the names in general:
    Lydian - as in the musical scale; my opinion - pretty, but it sounds like you just added an N on to Lydia. You could just go with Lydia and it would still have somewhat of a connection.
    Rayleigh - as in Rayleigh distribution; my opinion - sounds/looks a little made up and will get lumped in with the Bayleigh, Kayleigh, etc. trend, and you may have pronunciation issues.
    Timbre - involved in music/the tone of the note; my opinion - this one is not bad but I think there are better names associated with music out there
    Aria - relates to music; my opinion - a legit name with a musical connection! Love!
    Joule - as in the unit; my opinion - don't like this one, sounds like a made up version of Julia and also sounds masculine
    Michaelis - as in Leonor Michaelis; my opinion - very masculine sounding as well; why not just go with Leonor?

    Now, the names themselves:
    Cera Lydian - I would prefer Ciara Lydian or Cerise Lydia
    Addison Rayleigh - I have never been a fan of Addison or Madison, and the popularity would be an issue for me. But the combo sounds nice if you like Addison.
    Tabitha Timbre - Don't like the alliteration, but love Tabitha! Tabitha Lydian would be better
    Addison Aria - Again, don't like the alliteration. Stick Timbre in this combo!
    Vesper Joule - This is the only one that I REALLY don't care for. Sounds totally masculine to me, and both of the names are pretty "out there".
    Aria Michaelis - Love Aria, don't like Michaelis. If you are set on Joule, Aria Joule sounds all right, as do Aria Lydian and Aria Timbre.
    Rayleigh Addison - Prefer Addison Rayleigh.

    Other names connecting to music: Melody, Cadence, Harmony, Lyric, Piper, Calliope, Carmen (means "song"), Lyra, Melodia, Allegra, Viola
    Other names connecting to science: Tesla, Nova

    Some new combos: Addison Lyric (LOVE this with Addison; it balances Addison quite nicely!), Cera Calliope (I actually like the alliteration here, I think because Cera begins with a soft c whereas Calliope has the hard c), Cadence Lydian, Melody Nova, Aria Vesper, Carmen Michaelis, Tabitha Lyra, Aria Leonor (really like this one!). I'm sure you can make many more combinations! Good luck! You have a great start!
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    I voted for Aria Michaelis because I love the name Aria and think it fits perfectly. I'm not a fan of Michaelis though (too masculine). I think Aria Michaela is a much prettier option (despite the double a).

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    I really liked Aria Michaelis. It has beautiful rhythm, flow and balance. It honors both music & chemistry without being hokey, and I think very few people will get the Michaelis-Menten kinetics thing; most people will think you have Greek ancestry and it's a family name. I made some suggestions on your other thread but I think this option is by far the clear winner.
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    Aria Michaelis by a mile. I thought I knew at least a little bit about music and chemistry until I read your names. Lol.

    Second in my mind is Vesper Joule based just on the way it flows and sounds, but I'm not a fan of the name Vesper ... sounds too much like a word name to me, which I don't care for. I love this idea, though! And I also like Aria Michaelis because it honors both. Maybe the others do too and I'm even more clueless than I thought.

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