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    What is my style?

    I need help! We're expecting our second. We do not know if it is a boy or girl, so I plan on posting a similar thread under the girls forum. Our first is named Sullivan Patrick and I love it! We have a very Italian last name which starts with 'L' and ends in 'O'. I love the letters 'L', and am fond of 'V' and 'S'. I have no idea what my style is. A name I also love, but is unusable due to the 'O' ending, is Crusoe. All the names I see/find just seem so used but I also want a recognized name. I'm tired of hearing Owen, Noah, Henry, Aiden, Oliver, Matthias. It seems I'm uninterested in all names! I'm looking for any advice. Oh, and the middle name will be William. Here are names on my current list:
    Briar ( I like this for a boy - is that wrong?)
    Bronx (my husband likes, I'm not a huge fan)
    Crispin (I like but don't know if I'd use)
    Taliesin (this is growing on me)
    Jack (really like, but way too popular!)
    Davis (really like but am I really going to have a son who will be called Dave when he's older?)

    Realistically there are names on this list that I probably wouldn't use, but do like somewhat...

    Thanks so much for the help!

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    I forgot to mention that I also like Grayson and Charles (Charlie) but both are unusable.
    Thanks for any suggestions!

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    You like surnames-- including some non-Anglo-Saxon ones, which is unusual, as well as 'exotic flair' names.

    As your last name is long and Italianate, and your first son got a recognizable Irish name, I would avoid dramatic mismatches like Bjorn or Pfeiffer. Also, Bronwen is an exclusively female name.

    I think some of the very, very obvious homage names can-- if you'll forgive me-- come off as a bit hokey and try-hard. I would strike Twain, Keats, Tennessee, Scout, Columbus and Taliesin from your list.

    Bronx is a celebrity baby name, and a very uninspiring place name.

    That leaves:

    Yorke: doesn't flow well with William, and New York rather dominates (even with an E)
    Briar: a thorny weed, which is mysteriously mainly given to girls due to the Disney princess
    Xavier: a handsome and distinguished choice with a lot of flair
    Maxim: might suggest Maxence to avoid the men's mag comparison; Maximo won't work with your surname
    Crispin: just the right side of quirky-cool
    Lane: gaining traction after a character on Mad Men bore this name; simple and unpretentious, yet refined
    Bowen: rollicking and fun
    Sawyer: so, so, so, so over-done
    Jack (really like, but way too popular!): agree with you
    Davis: cool and *exactly* matches the vibe of your first son's name; can be an homage name if you like
    Grayson: fits well with Sullivan, but quite trendy
    Charles: unobjectionable, but might not shine when paired with William next to Sullivan

    My ranking:

    Maxence / Maxim

    would not use others
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    blade thank you so much for your feedback - it made me see some of my choices in a new light. It's interesting that you rated 'Davis' as your fav from my list. This name has been on my list for quite some time (before I was pregnant). Thanks again!
    Does anybody have any other comments or suggestions?

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