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    How bad is Avabelle/Avabella???

    Right now the name we have picked out is Arabella Victoria nickname Avie. I really just want to get to the nickname Avie but have a full real name to fall back on. I'm trying to avoid the Bella nn of Arabella. SO how bad/made up sounding is it? It won't hurt my feelings, I doubt I'd have the guts to go with it anyways lol.

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    My daughters name is Avabella. I too started with Arabella but was worried kids at school would call her Ariola then nipple girl. Lol. Her nickname is Ellie but we almost always call her Avabella or Avabelle

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    I would use Ava to get the nickname Avie. It is much clearer.
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    I think it works. It's a play on her initials... A.V.... Avie. Avabella looks made up, and I'm personally not a fan. Arabella is a beautiful, established name and with the middle Victoria you could get to Avie.
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    I don't really love Avabelle or Avabella but Ava-Belle Victoria or Ava Belle Victoria would work. (Somehow combined Avabelle is just odd to me). But I agree with dindlee Arabella Victoria (AV) could be enough inspiration for Avie.
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