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    I prefer Avabella to Avabelle.

    It's pretty, but I just wonder if everyone would keep calling her Arabella anyway, thinking the v is meant to be an r.
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    Avabella is one of the better Bella names to be honest. Arabella might be classy, but it's becoming increasingly popular. Ava's in the top 100 in every english speaking country, so I'd avoid that on it's own if you're aiming for originality. A suggestion I do have though, is to follow in Amy Adams' footsteps, and use the very gorgeous, Aviana. Aviana means 'beautiful breath of life" (from what I've read) and it's a unique take on an overused name
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    I'm not much of a fan of made-up smoosh names (except for a couple of well-established ones), though I don't think that this particular one is too bad really. I'd say I preferred Avabelle to Avabella though.

    There are other names apart from Ava that start in Av- that you could use to get Avie. My favourite is Aveline (AH-vuh-leen) and there is also Avis (AY-vis) and, as a pp mentioned, Aviana. I do think that using Arabella Victoria and using the initials A.V. is a good idea too.
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    Love Avabelle.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if I met a little girl named Avabelle/Avabella. With all the other smooshes of popular names/sounds, this fits in with those modern/trendy names perfectly. I do prefer all your other options though.
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