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Thread: Barbara

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    Wdyt of the name Barbara? I would use this name in honor of my mom, Barbara Jean. However, I find it to be a little dated, and I have met only one young Barbara (she is now in her mid twenties).

    Wdyt of the combo Guinevere Barbara? Any combos you can think of that could honor a Barbara Jean?

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    I think Guinevere Barbara is nice. I would stick with it as a middle name, especially if you find it to be dated (and I do too). You could use Jean is a middle name to honor her as well (or even your mother's maiden name).

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    It's one of the names that I'd like to see being used again. Guinevere Barbara isn't my style, but I think it's okay.

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    I do think that Barbara sounds dated right now, but I think it would be super-cute on a little girl. I think the name will be revived at some point soon. Guinevere Barbara is beautiful.
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    While it IS dated, I do think that it has to potential to be just as quirky / cute as any other vintage type name thats popular right now, especially if you came up with a more updated nickname than Barb.

    That being said, I think Guinevere Barbara is lovely and Barbara DOES have a really cool history and origins, so I think that helps me like it quite a bit more than I thought I would.

    Other options:

    Jessamine Barbara
    Xanthe Barbara
    Rhiannon Barbara
    Vivienne Barbara

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