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Thread: Aoife

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    is my husband's favourite baby name and first choice for our second daughter. Its Irish and pronounced "EE-FA", we picked up the name when we lived in Ireland a few years ago, where its quite common. I really like it too, I just worry about a lifetime of pronunciation and spelling issues, so myself would prefer the English version, Eva. But I admit I do love the flair of Aoife!

    Since Im a Natasha, I dont really know what its like to have a name people don't know how to say. Is it really a big issue to correct people all the time? Will she hate us for it? I liked having a name other people didnt have when I was younger, but also didn't have a name thats sort of unheard of.

    Would love some thoughts and feedback on this. Have you heard it before? Do you like it? Does it matter?

    Side note: Husband is from NZ, Im from the USA, daughter #1 is Zoe and from Australia and this one will be born in Canada. We are unsure where they will grow up, most likely NZ or USA.

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    I grew up with a name that had constant pronunciation problems (longer Em name that doesn't sound the way it's spelled.) It was never a strain - you just correct people in the event that they're misreading your name aloud, and move on. I think Aoife has so much more grace and mystery than Eva, and part of that is the amazing Irish spelling that isn't phonetic to our eyes. It's a strong name, with an interesting history, but somehow it's also whispery and sweet. I say go for it!

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    I tend to like to see these *really* Irish names on people who are actually Irish... especially those who are obviously physically so. I went to college with a beautiful fair-skinned, freckled, red-haired girl named Siobhan and her lovely name just intensified her Irish charm and no one thought it was weird, nor forgot how to pronounce it once they heard it. Being that you at least lived in Ireland does offer a bit more credibility, but you will invariably get asked about the "uniqueness" of the name and the spelling from people who are unfamiliar with Irish names, so if you're Irish, an easy response is, "We're (or I'm/my husband's) Irish and it's a traditional Irish name." But when you're not, it becomes questionable as to why you would choose such an unfamiliar name.

    I love Aoife though, for folks who are actually Irish. Eva is a fantastic alternative, though. And pairs wonderfully with Zoe!!
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    Its a beautiful name but most likely there will be mispronunciation and misspellings of the name. You could consider anglicizing it (efa) though that isn't as pretty as the original spelling.
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    My name is Raya and it is pronounced the way it looks. However, with Maya rising in popularity, I have to constantly correct people when they say RYE-AH. Aoife is not really my cup of tea, but I can appreciate that you, like my mom want to give your daughter a unique name. I've learned that I cannot blame my mom or other people for a mistake and once I correct them, it usually doesn't happen again. It is worth it in the long run to give your child a name you love for a few seconds of confusion when she meets someone new. She will learn to appreciate the uniqueness too.

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