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    Names that go with the older siblings??

    We have a Harmony Mae and are fixing to have a Valentine Alta Louise...we are planning on trying for baby #3 not long after Valentine makes her arrival, but I can't seem to think of any first names that flow with Harmony and Valentine...does anybody here have any suggestions?
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    Orion for a boy?
    Cecelia or Celeste for a girl?

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    Staying with the 3-syllable trend....the perfect sister for Harmony and Valentine, in my opinion, is Juliet. The other perfect one is Clementine, but seeing as Valentine ends with the same sound, I doubt you'll want to use it. Oh and I loove Aurora with your names. Other girl names ideas...Leonie, Celestine, Arabelle, Cecily, Noella, Bellamy, Ivory, Waverly, Allegro, Lavender, Briony, Olivette, Liberty, Clemency, Linnea
    For a boy, it's harder to find names that go. I don't have many ideas. Lucien? Lucius? Caspian? Augustus? Gideon? Gabriel? Elliot? Romeo? Sullivan?
    Or if you don't care about the number of about Felicity, Olive, Iris or Luna for a girl..August or Lincoln for a boy. Good luck to you!!
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