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    Babies of my Friends!

    How's this for fun stuff in naming trends? Two of my friends gave birth to little gals and their names are:

    Evelyn Ruth


    Elena Ruth

    I know that Evelyn's middle is for her grandmother, but I don't know about Elena.

    A friend has a new niece named Havilah. I'm pretty geeked out about this because I myself have a niece named Havilah; she is less than 2 years old. Just when you think you'll never meet another with the same name...

    I am having a great week, can you tell? LOL

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    Ruth is becoming more popular as a middle name. I wonder what Havilah's mn is?
    All the best,

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    I asked, the newest Havilah doesn't have a middle name yet. My niece is Havilah Dorothy, the middle being after her great-grandmother.

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    Wow, Evelyn Ruth and Elena Ruth are very similar! I like hearing Ruth as a middle name. And I think Havilah is pretty. I had only heard of one other real-life Havilah; she was the sister of our preacher's wife. It sounded to me like her parents had way too much fun naming their kids. I wish I could remember all the sibling names, but here are several:

    Amanda Lynn "Mandy" (our preacher's wife; and yes, her parents realized it sounded like "a mandolin.")
    Ree Joyce (yes, also on purpose. I'm not 100% sure how they spelled Ree.)
    Judah (don't remember his mn)
    Jubal Lee Kenaniah (yes, also on purpose! They just called him Jubal, which on its own I think is cool. Not sure where the second mn came from...)
    Samara (I was at least similar to Samara. The youngest three were girls.)

    I think there was another son or two, but I don't remember their names. I don't mean to hijack the thread, but Havilah made me think of this family. By the way, Mandy's kids were named Atalissa Rae "Addie" (a place name), Rufus Alexander, Jackson Daniel, Ellie Mae, and Betsy.
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    Lovely names. I adore Elena.

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