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    Not loving Spencer for a girl, but I knew a few male Spencers growing up. I actually still think boy names for girls is cute. I love the name Dylan for a girl, as well as Tyler and even Declan (although couldn't figure out how to spell it for a girl). We are shying away from it though, as we don't want our daughter to have the same name as boys in her class. If it is a less common male name, maybe like Spencer, it would probably be fine!

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    If we name girls Spencer, why not have a boy named Scarlet? Scarlet can be a very masculine name, with 'scar' emphasized and a rough and tumble nickname. The day I meet a boy named a traditionally female name, I will embrace male turned female names.

    But, honestly, I understand the feeling. I adore Ezra on a girl- I don't see how by its sound it can be considered masculine. But it carries more feminine qualities than Spencer- ends with an 'a', rhymes with Ella and Emma, etc.

    If you want to go for it, go for it.
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    As a girl with a boy's name, let me tell you right now that it sometimes gets annoying when people go "That's a boys name!"

    But honestly, I love have a 'masculine' name and after the first time I meet someone, they start to see my name as being part of me, and not defined by my gender.

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    I have a secret crush on Camden as a girl's name.

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    I personally don't like Spencer for a girl. IMO it's too masculine and she will be teased. I normally don't like boy names on girls at all. The only exceptions to that rule would be Sawyer and Rowan. In the end, she's your daughter and it doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks. If you really like Spencer, then go for it.

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