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    What do you think about girls with boy names?

    I want to name my daughter Spencer Jane. (Jane is my late grandmother's name, so that's a must). I really like boys names for girls. Do you think Spencer is a bad name for my daughter? Will she ever get made fun of? And if you like it, what's a cute nickname? What are other cute names if you don't like Spencer? Opinions, please

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    As you asked, I will give an honest opinion. I do think Spencer is a bad name for a daughter.

    I think this because Spencer is masculine and a traditional male name and I don't like the sound of it on a girl.

    I think you should save Spencer for a future son and use an actual female name on your daughter.

    Jane is fabulous as either a middle or first name.

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    Everyone here will hate it, I guarantee you.

    But I think it's cute! I grew up with a girl Spenser (spelled this way because it was after the poet Edmund Spenser). She was on my basketball team for years: both girly and tomboyish at the same time. Everyone that met her thought her name was awesome, and people never made fun of it. Kids tend to be less judgmental about names than adults, unless your name is Poopaloo or something.

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    I like masculine sounding names for girls, but spencer is too much for me. I like Sawyer for a girl.
    or what about:
    Georgiana (George)
    Theodora (Teddy)

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    I think whatever name is special to you will be perfect for your daughter. Everyone has their preferences but in the end, you're her mother and the name should be YOUR preference.
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