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    I tend to like V and S names myself. Which I know most people don't seem to like (mostly with V).
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    Quote Originally Posted by kitkat View Post
    If you have an L & O problem then you might like my favorite name, "Loie" pronounced Low-ee. After Loie Fuller. Whose real name was Louisa I think.

    I don't have too many letters I'm obsessed with to begin a name, but rather have a thing for any names ending in "ie" or "ey" but for some reason that only applies to girls. There two exceptions to this for me and that is Alice and Gemma.

    I also have a thing for double initials where first name and last name begin with the same letter. I feel likethere are a lot of successful people with that combo and I like the way it sounds.

    Fun topic, good thread!


    I love the idea of Lois nn Loie!

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    A, E and S names always stand out to me, my list is full of them.
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    I never really thought about this before. I'm looking at my name list and I have a lot of C names- Carly, Cosette, Cassia, Claire, Clarice, Cole, Colt, and Clay. I also have a few G names- Grey, Grant, Griffin, Gwen, Genevieve, Georgia, and Greta.
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    For a girl, I tend to love P names for some reason! Some of my favorites are Pippa, Paloma, Pilar, and Piper
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