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    I know two twin boys named Cole and Lucas, as well as two named Brad (ley) and Jeff (rey), two combos that I think are perfect matches. Also, sisters Lucasta and Callista.

    I know two siblings named Michelle and Michael (cringe)! A bit too matchy, don't you think?

    As for those who don't match...

    Robyn and Adrienne
    Timothy and Carinna
    Daniel, John, Andrew, Thomas, and Connolly (girl, she's kind of the odd one out)
    ~Izzy, looking for a new nickname
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    I don't like matchy names, but I don't like names that are drastically different either. I know twin girls named Gabriella and Jordan. Their names make absolutely no sense to me. I know a set of quads the same way. Jenna, Jayla, Ty, and Taylor (girl). Taylor's super popular, Jenna and Ty are moderately popular, and Jayla, while it sounds like many popular names, is quite uncommon. There's a few girls on youtube with kids whose names don't make sense like Kaiden & Kyson (super popular & super uncommon) and Braidon & Andrew (very new & very old). Sometimes I just want to ask the parents what they were thinking.

    As for the names you have listed, I think Elder & Darren and Kahlil & Benji go well together. Elder & Darren are both old and not popular, and Kahlil & Benji are both different & uncommon. The others don't make sense, and I feel sorry for Kelly. I don't like Kelly on a boy, but I know some people do. My problem with it isn't that they named a boy Kelly, but that they gave his sister a matchy name to his, which gives me impression that they really wanted two girls. Or if Katie is older, they matched his name to her's, which still gives the impression that they wanted another girl.
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    Twins I know:
    Madison & Mädchen
    Angus & Anik (AH-neek) (younger siblings of Madison and Mädchen)
    Brittany Sue & Bryanna Sue
    Dwayne & Josh
    Krista & Kassidy
    Sonja & Tonya
    Christian & Rachel

    And then there are the quads who are a grade below me named Eric, Ryan, Charles "Charlie" and Lauren.

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    Twins I know:
    Matthew and Tyler
    Tiffany and Melissa
    Ximena and Benjamin (my fav set of names)
    Hudson and Harrison
    Sarah and Katie
    Amanda and Nicholas

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    (Read without the periods)
    Too matchy (IMO): and
    Cy.le and Ci.ara (pronounced: Kyle and Sierra) and Jo.di
    Robert and Roberta

    Don't Go together (IMO):
    Sam.antha and Eli.ana - for some reason I don't like these two together. Samantha is a little dated to me and Eliana is more "trendy" and Ama.nda - Again seem like there from two different decades
    Kate.lyn R., Kel.sey R., & Rac.hel M. (triplets) - It just bothers me when you have triplets and you have two whose names have the same initials and another with a completely different set of initials. Either give them all the same initials or give them all different ones.

    Just Right:
    Meli.ssa and Brad.ley
    Barbara and Louisa
    So.phia and
    Violet Gray
    No longer a teenager, still sad and name-obsessed

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