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    Mismatched Multiples

    I know a few sets of multiples that have names that don't even sound like they should be in the same family.

    Elder and Darren (both boys)
    Zeben and Nathan (both boys)
    Merritt and Ian (girl/boy)
    Wise and Connor (both boys)
    Makena and Pete (both boys) (Makena is apparently a hawaiian boy name pronounced Makenna)
    Kahlil & Benji (both boys) (Benji is his full name)
    Kelly and Katie (boy/girl)
    Brandi and Peter (girl/boy)
    Haley and Maren (both girls)
    Nicholas and Eidan (boy/girl) (Eidan is pronounced EYE din)

    What about you all?
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    I actually quite like Elder and Darren together. Haley and Maren seem perfectly matched to me, too.

    I guess the weirdest twinset I've ever heard is my husband's cousin's children. They have B/G twins named Maddox Bear and Katherine Louise.

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    I don't like it at all when twins (or even just siblings) have names very drastically different. In twins, they're already going to get compared to one another their whole lives, and being the "weird" twin or the "boring" twin or whatever other label stuck on them based on naming could happen more so I'd think than if they both had names that sounded fitting together.

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    I think Elder & Darren, Merritt and Ian, Kahlil & Benji, Brandi and Peter, and Haley & Maren are good matches.

    Cringe-worthy: Zeben & Nathan, Wise (seriously!?!) & Connor, Makena & Pete, Kelly & Katie (sounds like someone wishes they would have had both girls! Poor boy!!), Nicholas and Eidan (same thing, girl's name sounds very masculine and is almost the popular boy's name Aidan)

    I know a set of twin boys that the parents used a very common and popular name (Jack) along with a very unusual choice—Smith, for one twin's first name. At first, I thought they were too mismatched and I found the choice of Smith a little strange, but the set of names grew on me and now I quite like them. Even though Smith is a very uncommon first name, it's obviously an extremely recognizable and common last name, so it works. Both have a sort of old-timey, steampunkish vibe to me. At least they didn't name them Mason and Aidan or something super boring and trendy!
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    I think they all sound fine. Minus Kelly and Katie, maybe. Just my opinion we shouldn't have to spend so much time on matching names. (Of course the names can match or compliment each other if you want to. But we shouldn't criticize names that don't 'match'). I just don't like names that sound the same, rhyme, or end in the same sound/letters.

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