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    Arabella and Wallace

    I was a little afraid of putting these on the table at first, but here they are, a couple of my longtime favorites. I have an annoying tendency to love long and frilly girl names and Arabella fits the bill. It sounds so soft and is really a more unique take on the ever-popular Isabella. And I do love Wallace, it's so quirky and the nn Wally is quite charming and offbeat imo (everyone complains it sounds old-mannish, but I think it's ready for revival).

    Opinions, anyone?
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    When I saw the title, I immediately thought that these names are perfect together! Wallace is a name that I like but rarely see being used. Arabella is a great alternative to Isabella. Really nice choices.

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    I honestly like these names, especially Arabella! Wallace is a bit clunky, but still wearable IMO.
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    Arabella is my favourite girl's name, I love how princessy it is...

    I'm not keen on Wallace at all, I automatically think of Gromit and I just think it sounds too old man but not in a cool, vintage way.
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    I think Arabella is awesome! Super girly without being saccharine.

    I like Wallace too. I think it is due for a comeback. Someone has to start the revival! And I've loved Wally ever since seeing Wall-E. Too cute!

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