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Thread: Willoughby?

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    Thoughts on the name Willoughby?

    I'm looking for some feedback on the name Willoughby for a boy. My husband loves this name and it suits our unique tastes. We have a Wilhelmina and a William in the family too. But...I am not sure what others will think about it or how it will be as our child ages (high school??) We definitely don't want to call him Will and I think that might be a natural nickname that others will call him. Thoughts? Love it? Hate it?

    Our other favorites for a boy are Shiloh, Owen, Avery, Ezra, and Jeremiah.
    We like Maizie, Hannah, Aviva, and Willa for a girl. Last name is Luke.

    We're due in April and don't know what we're having.

    Thanks for your help!
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    Are William and Wilhelmina in the immediate family? If so, I would think Willoughby and Willa are too close to use. I do like both of those names though.

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    I just think of the children's song that goes "Willoughby Wallaby Wefanie, an elephant sat on Stephanie!".

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    Both are deceased, so there wouldn't be a conflict but it would be a nice way to honor both. We are thinking Willoughby Douglas (Douglas was my father's name) or Willa Jane (Jane was my great-grandmother)

    Thanks for the feedback!

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    Personally I am not a fan. It makes me think of Wallabies and I find that it sounds like a very doughy and soft name. I would picture a fat little spoiled brat from an uppity family named Willoughby. It also follows the surnames as first names trend that I am not a huge fan of. Sorry.
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