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    Names I love but my wife will probably veto

    Unfortunately, my wife and I have entirely different naming styles-you saw her picks last night. We mostly dislike each other's suggestions. However, here are a few I adore I'm going to try to sell her on. Thoughts?

    Sheherazade (more of a guilty pleasure, but still)

    Roland (love, love, LOVE this one)
    Sebastian (I fear its growing popularity)


    Just a newlywed guy with a penchant for names and a baby due in October to give one to.

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    From your list, I love:

    Mae - simply gorgeous! She has a great old Hollywood-charm feel to her.
    Josephine - another great one
    Georgia - I like this one in theory, but it also reminds me of the state (I live in the South).
    Florence - love the nn Flora! Florence sounds very sweet.
    Jessamine - lovely name! She sounds like a queen.
    Rosamunde - I prefer Rosamund (or even just Rose), but this is still great
    Aurora - my "name" when I was taking Latin - very airy to me, yet still feels somewhat grounded.
    Verity - like this one a lot! Also love Vera, which is similar in style.

    William - a handsome classic!
    Robert - love Robert! I would love to meet a young Robert, as I don't really know any my age or younger.
    Tucker - some people on this site don't particularly like this one, but I know two really nice Tuckers, so it's a positive association for me. And I've never heard either of them teased for their name.
    Felix - LOVE Felix!
    Declan - like it!
    Roland - like this one too
    Myles - prefer Miles, but I still like Myles a lot
    Lysander - great
    Evander - was just about to suggest this one for you, actually! great name.
    Finnegan - like this one
    Campbell - not sure how I feel about this as a first name, but it's been a middle name in my family for at least 4/5 generations.
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    I like your lists much more than your wife's!

    Mae - As a first I like it. I think of Mae West, and she was fabulous!
    Josephine - This is gorgeous, so pretty. Has amazing literary, historical and musical references.
    Doveva - Never heard this. Not a big fan.
    Magdalena - Very serious, but nice.
    Grace - Lovely, especially as a first. A little over used (at least here) but still nice.
    Persephone - Beautiful, I've always been fascinated by Greek mythology, and the Eleusinian mysteries are intriguing.
    Seraphina - If you spell it Serafina it's very nice. The witch in Northern Lights is cool.
    Helene - I like this German/Scandinavian version of Helen. Pronouncing it with the e at the end?
    Georgia - It's cute.
    Florence - Beautiful.
    Claire - I love Claire, just stunning. Everything about it is lovely. Your wife would probably like this one.
    Jessamine - Ooh yes, Jessamine is sweet and fun! Nickname Mini is irresistible.
    Ember - Feels more boyish, but I'm not a fan either way.
    Rhiannon - Beautiful. I love Welsh mythology, and even though her story is very sad at times, it's a lovely name.
    Bethany - It's not terrible, but not good either.
    Artemesia - Artemisia the queen of Caria is a cool namesake. She built the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus.
    Rosamunde - I like Rosamond, Rosamund or Rosemonde. All stunning!
    Jasmine - Gorgeous flower, scent and name!
    Zelda - Ooh, yes, this is nice. Zelda Sayre is my first thought.
    Aurora - Beautiful, I think of northern lights and dawn and the Roman goddess.
    Sheherazade (more of a guilty pleasure, but still) - Cool namesake, but the name is too out there.
    Gidgette - No, I do not like this.
    Gisele - Yes, this is nice. I would prefer Giselle or Gisella, but nice either way.
    Naomi - Beautiful name, I like Noemi better though.
    Lorelei - Very beautiful, sirens luring ships and their crews into rocks so their ships sink and the sailors drown.
    Verity - I like the look and sound, but you've got better ones.
    Carys - Sweet, prefer Cara or Charis.
    Natalya - Unless you're eastern European I prefer Natalia, Natalie or Nathalie.

    Levi - Cool and short. Love this one.
    William - One of the best classics. You can't go wrong with this.
    Jackson - This is quite nice.
    Arden - Sounds girlie to me.
    Robert - Fine although slightly boring to my ears.
    Tucker - Sounds like someone trying to tuck something.
    Felix - Happy name!!!! Just looking at this name brings a hugs grin to my face.
    Declan - Too harsh and chavy.
    Roland (love, love, LOVE this one) - I adore Roland!!!!!!! It's on your wife's list too, so that's a good thing!
    Nicodemus - Love in theory. Not in real life.
    Jakoby - It's ok, a nice enough name. You've got better ones.
    Thaddeus - So cool and laid back quirky gentleman name.
    Dante - Sexy overload, but so hansome and I love Alighieri and Gabriel Rossetti.
    Sebastian (I fear its growing popularity) - I love all names from Twelfth Night, although this is a mean rich boy name.
    Grayson - Greyson would be better.
    Myles - Miles is really cool, I love Miles Davis.
    Thatcher - A fine name, nothing wrong with it.
    Lysander - Very nice. Like this a lot.
    Leander - And this! The story of Hero and Leander is one of my favourites....
    Evander - Love this so much. Gorgeous name, namesake and the sound and imagery is wonderful.
    Tobias - Very serious, but nice.
    Finnegan - I prefer simple Finn. But a fine name all the same.
    Asher - Cool quirky boy name, checkered trousers and glasse.s
    Cortland - No, sounds too much like court.
    Zephyr - Ooh, I like this very much too.
    Campbell - Cambell would be better. But it's ok.
    Kester - eh, no please don't.

    Josephine, Persephone, Claire, Rhiannon, Artemisia, Rosamund, Zelda, Jessamine, Jasmine & Aurora.
    Roland, Evander, William, Felix, Thaddeus, Dante, Asher, Zephyr, Leander & Miles.
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    Those are some of my favorites, too. I like some of the alternative spellings, I'll take them into consideration.
    Just a newlywed guy with a penchant for names and a baby due in October to give one to.

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    It seems like in general you like longer more complex names and she likes short snappy names. Personally, I'd look for a longer name she's okay with that she can shorten to a nn she really loves.

    Okay, comparing your two lists to try to find some common ground:

    Roland - one both your lists. A match!
    Liam/William - this is a match as far as I'm concerned.
    Jakoby/Jackson/Jack - would she be okay with using Jack as a nn for Jakoby or Jackson?
    Myles/Milo - What about Miles nn Milo?
    Thatcher/Arden/Beau/Asher - what about Archer or Archibald nn Archie?
    Leander/Evander -she like Liam, Lark, and Milo, what about Leo? even as a nn for Leander? Leopold?
    Finnegan - given how she likes short crisp names, what about Finn used on a regular basis with Finnegan as the long name?
    Asher/Ashmore - very similar! I think you can work on this.
    Declan/Cortland/Nolan/Talon/Roland - very similar sound and feel to these. Lachlan, Dylan, Landen?
    Kester/Carter - not so far off, what about Kasper, Castor, Cooper, Chester, Kyler

    Embra/Ember/Emery - very similar! Emery/Emry could be a nn for Ember
    Helene/Holland/Harlow - what about Halina/Halyna
    Seraphina/Sora/Fera/Farin - Sora, Farin, or Fera could easily be nicknames for Seraphina. Or what about Faraday nn Fara?
    Gemma/Gisele/Georgia/Jayne/Jasmine - similar sounds, what about Geneva, Jillian/Jill, Jocelyn, Juno
    Florence/Fleur - Fleur or Flora could be a nn for Florence or Florina if she prefered
    Leighton/Lorelei/Lander/Lotus - what about Laurel? or Larissa? or Leonie? or Linnea?
    Astrid/Aurora/Starla/Estel/Adora - all of these have star influences. What about Andromeda? Elara?
    Petra/Zelda - these have very similar feels to me. Spunky with history. I think there's a connection there.
    Shaelyn/Mae/Shea - what about Maelyn?
    Josephine/Jayne/Farin - what does she think about Josie or Posey as nn's?
    Doveva/Aven - What about Dovina/Dovena? nn Dove, Vena, Aven?
    Magdalena/Marnie/Rosamunde - What about Miranda?
    Jessamine/Jasmine/Sage/Willow/Fleur - all very floral, definitely a conncetion there
    Bethany/Shilo/Petra/Eden - all Bible place names, what about Moriah?
    Carys/Echo/Claire - similar sounds here, Rebekah, Anika?
    Natalya/Tegan - what about nn Tally seems like that might be up her alley
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